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"As I thought, you gotta become a demon, Kyojuro! Let's fight together, forever!

-Akaza to Kyojuro Rengoku

Soryu Style ( () (りゅう) (しき) Soryū Shiki?) is one of the fighting styles you can obtain as a Demon, primarily used by Akaza, Gyutaro and the Crystal Demon in-game; it changes your fighting style into Akaza combat. You can only switch/get rid of this style by drinking a Combat Potion.

Talk to Shoga at Okuyia Hideout to learn this fighting style.


Requirements: 5,000 Yen and Level 20


Full M1 Combo deals 25 DMG, 30 with Melee Mastery (left click 5 times to do full m1)

Soryu m1.gif

M2 (Heavy): 8 DMG. (Right click to do.)

Soryu m2.gif


Melee Mastery (1 skill point): +1 M1 damage

Bell Crusher (3 skill points): A counter type move that counters moves or M1s, very good if the enemy likes to rush a lot or play aggressive. This can simply be used as a "get off me" move, or if you like to predict moves.

Bell Crusher.gif

Rush Kick (3 skill points): Adds a damaging kick to Rush, dealing immediate damage. You cannot use this as a M1 combo extender since the stun time was nerfed.

Rush kick.gif

Note: The Rush Kick move is used by pressing C, which kicks to your opponent, like Slayers using the Rush Ability in which they dash to the target, except the Rush Kick does damage.