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The Slayer Skill Tree can be accessed using M or pressing the leaf button on the left of your screen on mobile. Slayers have three skills trees; Body, Breath(after learning) and Sword. The Skill Tree affects your character, the breath part of the tree is where you can learn more skills for your breathing style, and the sword part of the tree is where you improve your swordsmanship. The shape of every skill tree for breathing is different for each style, and the Slayer Skill Tree differs from the Demon Skill Tree.


Slayer Body Tree.png

Name Points Effect
Body Training 1 Allows you to start progressing through the tree.
Endurance I 1 +15 Stamina (115)
Endurance II 3 +15 Stamina (130)
Endurance III 4 +20 Stamina (150)
Health I 1 +30 Health (150)
Health II 3 +20 Health (170)
Health III 4 +10 Health (180)
Double Jump 1 Allows you to jump twice
Rush 1 You rush the enemy when in close range

(press C)

Rush (C).gif

Dash Mastery 2 Allows you to dash a little farther using less stamina (10), changes

dash animation to an almost black transmission dash.

Feather Fall 2 Reduces fall damage by a large amount.
Steel Stomach 2 Reduces how much your hunger bar will drain.
Bravery 2 Allows you to get up faster after being downed/knocked.
See Through World 8 Allows you to see enemy's health, ESP, in a 200-stud radius

(Requires Health III and Endurance III)

In total, it takes 35 points to fully unlock the Body skill tree.


Slayer Sword Tree.png

Name Points Effect
Kendo Basics 1 Allows you to unlock the rest of the Skill Tree
Kendo Agility 2 +Attack Speed
Kendo Agility II 3 +Attack Speed
Kendo Strength 2 +Attack Damage
Kendo Strength II 3 +Attack Damage
Lunge 2 Sprint + M1


Shoulder Bash 2 F + M1

Shoulder Bash.gif

Kendo Mastery 6 Adds an extra M1 move making the normal M1 combo have 5 M1s in it. +1 M1 ATK,+ATKSPD,+ATK DMG

(Requires Kendo Agility II and Kendo Strength II)

Kendo Mastery.gif

In total, it takes 21 points to fully unlock the Sword skill tree.