Demon Fall Wiki

Fighting Styles are combat techniques that changes not only the animation of your default fighting style, but also enhances and upgrades your combat capabilities into the next level that might be useful in battle.


Dual Wielding

Obtainable through Sound Breathing or Beast Breathing. This causes the user's M1 to be degraded to 4 hits only but its damage is doubled, dealing 10 dmg per swing. (Please note that both Sound and Beast share the same animation.)

Beast Combo.gif


Obtainable through Insect Breathing. The user's M1 is doubled in terms of speed and normal combo is automatically upgraded to 6 M1s.

Insect m1 and passive.gif


Obtainable through Love Breathing. The user's M1 is upgraded to 5 hits and it has an extended range.



Note: Unlike the Slayers' fighting styles, Demon Fighting Styles must have atleast ONE active technique that the player can use, such as Bell Crusher.

Soryuu Style

Enhances strength and increases the M1 combo up by 1. Has a counter move and it can be obtained from Shoga, who is Akaza's apprentice.

Requirements: 5,000 Yen and Level 20

Soryu m1.gif


Slow and has too much range. But high damage, nonetheless. It can be obtained from Darte.

Requirements: 100 Broken Nichirins and Level 20

M1 greatsword.gif

Temari Balls

Replaces your M1 and M2 with long-ranged projectiles that deals mediocre damage, useful for battling at a safe distance. It can be obtained from Ney.

Requirements: 7,500 Yen, Level 20


Obi Sashes

Obtainable through Obi Art. The user is granted with four obi belts protruding at the middle of their back that acts like tentacle whips, similar to the Rinkaku kagune from the Tokyo Ghoul series.

Requirements: None