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Families are clans that provide special buffs according to which Family you rolled at the start of a history.

Click here to see the full list of families and their perks and click here to see a list of: Perkless Families.

Legendary Families (~0% Chance)

Kamado (0.5%)

Tsugikuni (0.0%; Only accessible by mods, devs and admins)

  • Start with See Through World
  • Ultra-High ATK DMG
  • 800+ Health & Stamina
  • 1500 Skill Points on start
  • Sun Breathing damage resistance

Rare Families (1% Chance)

Himejima (1%)

  • +30 Health(a little blind around your screen)

Rengoku (1%)


  • +25% Faster Hunger drain
  • +25% Faster Health regen
  • Slayers Only: Can use your scent to attract demons

Tokito (1%)

Tomioka (1%)

Uncommon Families (2% Chance)

Agatsuma (2%)

  • At a downed state, enter a 45 seconds Berserk state (+50% Damage) with 20% health
  • Agatsuma wig

Haganezuka (2%)

Hashibira (2%)

  • Boar head
  • -10% Hunger drain
  • +10% Health regeneration

Iguro (2%)

  • Start with Dash Mastery
  • +2 Walkspeed
  • +4 walkspeed for demons

Kanroji (2%)

  • +15% Damage on EVERYTHING

Kocho (2%)

  • Poison Damage to players if close range attacks are used on you.

Ubuyashiki (2%)

  • +10% Experience gain
  • 2 Skill Points on start
  • Permanent sickness scar
  • Less vision range

Perkless/Common Families (8.8% Chance)

Note: These families may be given some perks in the future, as some of these families have potential of becoming useful in-game, mainly: Uzui, Tsuyuri, Urokodaki and Kuwajima.

  • Kanzaki
  • Uzui
  • Nakahara
  • Kanamori
  • Tsuyuri
  • Urokodaki
  • Kuwajima
  • Takada
  • Terauchi


  • For some reason, the family clans, Tsugikuni and Kibutsuji, hasn't been added in-game yet.
    • The Tsugikuni Clan is only accessible by moderators and administrators, and possibly, developers as well. Hence the absence of the clan itself in-game.
  • Even with Sound Breathing's release, the Uzui Clan still has no perks at all.
  • The Hashibira Clan hasn't got a family exclusive technique to Beast Breathing yet.
  • Before Update 2.8, all families don't lose a raw 5 health points when using Sun Breathing.
  • Tokito Family used to have a perk that allows players to learn Moon Breathing with ease, but was later removed for the Sun/Moon & Kamado rework.
  • There is a chance we might get a "Kumeno" family clan, Kumeno is the last name of Sanemi's deceased comrade and friend, Masachika.