Demon Fall Wiki

"Dead people never come back alive. Why don’t you just work for dairy money and live quietly instead of sticking to such things?"

- Muzan Kibutsuji

Demons are a group of players that is tasked with serving Muzan and killing slayers.

In order to become a Demon, you must die in the hands of the Tutorial Demon. After getting eaten, you will spawn in the Demon Purgatory in Frosty Forest. After spawning, you must talk to Charlie to begin your conquest.



  • Can't walk in the sun and wisteria trees. (Unless you Have Kamado Family)
  • Can't turn back into a slayer unless you use a wipe potion or make a new history/account.
  • Grinding takes a longer time.
  • Most quests are only killing Slayer NPCs which can be very boring.
  • Some quests require you to have higher levels.
  • Barely has content lore-wise.