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Breathing Styles ( () (きゅう) (ほう) Kokyū Hō?) are swordsmanship styles accompanied with an esoteric breathing art that enhances the abilities of a swordsman that is proven useful for combating demons in-tandem with a Nichirin Katana; this mechanic is common yet an important aspect to the game, as this can make a difference in a battle instead of just swinging the sword relentlessly. Much like the Blood Demon Arts that the Demon race uses, Breathing Styles are magic-like arts due to that it allows users who learned a certain Breathing Style to manipulate a specific concept it embodies(e.g: Wind Breathing obviously manipulates wind.).

Usually, Breathing Styles have four to five skills, but some of them can range up to six to eight. However, you cannot use a Breathing Style technique if your total concentration breathing gauge is empty(the white bar that is beside the player's avatar), in order to restore the breathing bar, you'll have to press and hold G until the bar is full/partially full, you don't have to hold it all the time since it locks you from swinging your sword, dashing, unsheathing, etc., another thing is that every breathing techniques(depending on your Breathing Style) requires a specific amount of the breathing bar in order to execute the technique(e.g: Water Breathing's first form requires 35% of the breathing bar).

You can acquire a Breathing Style from a trainer/cultivator by doing tasks for them. However, you cannot learn more than one breathing style, but if you desire to try the other breathing styles, you can reset your breathing style by drinking a potion called "Breath Indict" that can be acquired from the Black Merchant and then, find another cultivator that specializes in their breathing style they teach. I would like to mention that some Breathing Styles requires a specific amount level, and prestige in order to unlock it, otherwise the cultivator NPC isn't going to interact with the player. There is one breathing style that requires the player to become a Hybrid other than just having a high level and one prestige. Furthermore, some Breathing Styles will grant the player a special weapon that is exclusive only with the breathing style they're bundled with, but it does prohibit them from crafting new Nichirin Swords after learning the breathing style and obtaining its weapon, the only way to get rid of the weapon is by drinking the Breath Indict.

List of Breathing Styles

Currently, there are twelve Breathing Styles in the game so far. But there are fourteen Breathing Styles in the source material.


Completion List

  • Beast Breathing requires 13 skill points. (For Max Beast with See Through World + Max Kendo, you will need 69 skill points.)
  • Flame Breathing requires 12 skill points. (For Max Flame with See Through World + Max Kendo, you will need 68 skill points.)
  • Insect Breathing requires 9 skill points. (For Max Insect with See Through World + Max Kendo, you will need 65 skill points.)
  • Mist Breathing requires 12 skill points. (For Max Mist with See Through World + Max Kendo, you will need 68 skill points.)
  • Moon Breathing requires 33 skill points(For Hybrid(s) only). (For Max Moon Hybrid, you will need 89 skill points.)
  • Sun Breathing requires 43 skill points(35 if you have Kamado). (For Max Sun with See Through World + Max Kendo, you will need 99 skill points without Kamado and 91 skill points with Kamado.)
  • Thunder Breathing requires 12 skill points. (For Max Thunder with See Through World + Max Kendo, you will need 68 skill points.)
  • Sound Breathing requires 17 skill points. (For Max Sound with See Through World + Max Kendo, you will need 73 skill points.)
  • Water Breathing requires 12 skill points. (For Max Water with See Through World + Max Kendo, you will need 68 skill points.)
  • Wind Breathing requires 12 skill points. (For Max Wind with See Through World + Max Kendo, you will need 68 skill points.)
  • Love Breathing requires 17 points. (For Max Love with See Through World + Max Kendo, you will need 73 skill points.)
  • Serpent Breathing requires 12 points. (For Max Serpent with See Through World + Max Kendo you will need 68 skill points.)
  • Stone Breathing requires 14 points. (For Max Stone with See Through World + Max Kendo you will need 70 skill points.)


—~{ Breathing Styles }~—


  • Every Breathing Styles are derivatives of the first Breathing Style, Sun Breathing. Even Moon Breathing, too.
  • The names of Breathing Styles are very strict. For example, Flame Breathing should never be referred to as Fire Breathing.
  • Every Breathing Styles makes use of Total Concentration Breathing practiced and taught by members of the Demon Slayer Corps and are used in combat by Demon Slayers.
  • The majority of known Breathing Styles mimic a certain element of nature (i.e. flame, water and wind) and replicates it with the user's movements, techniques and abilities. The weapon attacks of Demon Slayers who use Breathing Styles are also longer ranged, possibly due to shockwaves or air pressure generated from their weapon itself when swinging and striking.
  • New Breathing Styles are always being created to suit a Demon Slayer's combat needs, which results in new weapons being utilized in demon hunting (i.e. flails and whips). Such Breathing Styles embody a bigger variety of concepts, like animals, plants and emotions (i.e. serpents, flowers and love).
  • When a Slayer is utilizing a Breathing Style, users automatically visualize themselves manipulating the subject behind their style, making it seem as if they were using magic, though those that are less apt and proficient in their style will visualize less than one who is.
  • Prior to Update 2.65, Beast Breathing had icons of boar heads as temporary icons.
  • Beast and Sound Breathing are the only Breathing Styles that utilizes dual-wielding.
  • The cultivator of Wind Breathing, Grimm, bears a faint yet similar resemblance to Sanemi Shinazugawa.
    • Additionally, the identity of the real cultivator of Wind Breathing(Sanemi and Masachika's mentor) is unknown, implying that Grimm's a fanmade character.
  • Kujima's full name is Jigoro Kuwajima.
  • Both Urokodaki & Grimm are the only known retired Hashiras to appear in the Demon's Storyline.
  • Mostly all Breathing Style forms are either from the source material or fanmade forms/techniques.
  • Moon Breathing is technically a Blood Demon Art since Kokushibo infused his "Crescent Moon Blades" BDA into his Moon Breathing in order to enhance its lethality even further as centuries pass by, continuously improving his swordsmanship.